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Zenyum Aligners
Image 2.1: Zenyum Source: https://www.businessinsider.sg/a-singapore-startup-is-offering-invisible-braces-at-s2200-and-it-takes-just-3-to-9-months-for-front-teeth-to-be-straightened/

Zenyum is a Singaporean brand of “invisible braces”, aiming to provide orthodontic treatment at a lower price. It is very similar to Invisalign in the way it works and looks, allowing patients to go fix crooked or misaligned teeth without having to go through the phase of looking bad in traditional braces.

Uses of Zenyum

Zenyum, while being an orthodontic treatment method, is restricted by its capabilities to solve all orthodontic problems. It is best used for fixing flaws found in the front teeth, and is unable to correct larger issues like the overcrowding or overbites.

Zenyum, however, has been effective for patients that only require minor adjustments. It is also recommended to people who previously had orthodontic treatments, but their teeth have now shifted, requiring orthodontic treatment again.


Having nine partner clinics where the invisible braces can be acquired. Patients have to contact Zenyum who will help them to book a session with one of the partners. When patients are there, they will have to do an X-ray as well as a 3D scan to get a model of their teeth shape. After studying the results, customised aligners for the patient will be produced within two to three weeks.

Similar to Invisalign, customer have to return regularly to change their aligners to a new shape to consistently shift the teeth. New sets of aligners are made every five to seven days.

Zenyum’s aligners should be worn at least 22 hours a day, and should only be removed during meals or when brushing and flossing the teeth.

Zenyum uses an app to track the progress of patient teeth, ensuring that their teeth are adjusting as planned, and provide patients a mean to communicate with their dentists.

Users usually only need to have them for about 3 to 9 months, which is much faster compared to traditional braces.

Written by: Lim Jun Tian

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