Is Invisalign The Best Clear Aligners?

With today’s advancement in technology, traditional braces are no longer the only solution to fix misaligned or crooked teeth. Apart from the most popular “invisible braces”- Invisalign, there are also many similar products such as Zenyum, ClearSmile and MBrace. In this article, we will be discussing these products and how they fare against Invisalign to help you in your decision- making process to choose what is best in your journey to achieving a beautiful smile.

What is Invisalign

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Invisalign, also known as “invisible braces”, is used to fix orthodontic issues. It utilises clear plastic aligner trays that are custom-fit to your teeth, and are worn over the teeth over a duration of around a year to slowly reposition them.

Invisalign is typically preferred over traditional braces for the following reasons:

  1. Will not alter the appearance of patients during the duration of the treatment process as they are designed to be invisible.
  2. Considerably less invasive compared to dental braces and aesthetically looks better to some people

Uses of Invisalign

Invisalign is used to correct crooked and misaligned teeth, solve over-crowding of teeth or widely spaced teeth, and fix simple bite irregularities

However, Invisalign cannot be used to treat very serious orthodontic problems, and braces will be required.


At the first session, patient will have to undergo X-rays to create images for the dentist to decide the treatment method, and to configure and produce the Invisalign aligner tray customised to the patient’s teeth.

Subsequently, the patient will receive the first set of aligner tray, which they will have to put on for at least 20 hours a day. Throughout the duration of the treatment, patients have to consistently return for monthly appointments. During the appointment, new customised aligners trays are produced to progressively reposition the teeth, until the teeth reach their final desired positions. The aligners trays usually consist of the top and bottom tray. The whole process usually takes around a year, depending on the seriousness of the orthodontic problem faced by the patient. During which, around 20-30 aligner trays will be produced.

In order to achieve maximum effectiveness, the aligners should be removed as seldom as possible. However, they must be removed during meals, and during brushing and flossing of your teeth.

Over the years other competitors have been appearing but the question is “Is Invisalign the best?” Read more below on the comparisons with other clear aligners brand

Written by: Lim Jun Tian

Zenyum VS Invisalign

Zenyum is considerably cheaper, at an average price of $2,200. However, it is a very new brand, starting only in late 2018, and does not have a track record as long as Invisalign’s. Zenyum also choose their customers very carefully, usually those that they are very confident of helping.


ClearSmile VS Invisalign

One difference between the two is that ClearSmile also focuses on comfort, and has 3 different thicknesses of aligners (soft, medium, hard). Treatment will start with soft aligners, causing minimal pressure, giving patients a more comfortable experience.


MBrace VS Invisalign

MBrace is cheaper to get in Singapore as it is manufactured locally. However, it might not be able to solve more complicated problems that Invisalign can.


That being said, each brand has it’s pros and cons. So schedule an appointment with your favorite dentist to find out more!

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