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What is ClearSmile

ClearSmile Steps
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Another brand of “invisible braces”, making use of the latest 3D printing technology to produce the aligners.

Other brands include: Invisalign, Zenyum, MBrace

Uses of ClearSmile

ClearSmile can straighten teeth that are crowded, crooked or rotated. However, it is usually used only for the first six to eight teeth.


Before getting your aligners, a thorough examination of patient’s teeth will be done to determine if they are suitable for it. Should patients decide to continue, an impression will be taken and an Archwize simulation (a 3D model) is produced to allow patient to have an idea of the final results, which is open to changes if the patient or dentist deem necessary. The custom aligners are then produced through 3D printing and moulding.

Similar to other aligner methods, you will have to return regularly for check-ups to get new aligners and to ensure that your teeth are constantly shifting. ClearSmile treatment also requires new impressions to be taken approximately after every 6 aligners to make sure that the progress is going as planned.

The aligners usually takes between 3-12 months, depending on the seriousness of the orthodontic problem.

Written by: Lim Jun Tian

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